Mountain Biking

Big mountain riding, small town vibes

Nestled in the heart of the Monadnock Region lies an outdoor enthusiast’s haven – Granite Gorge Mountain Park. Reopened with new ownership and management in 2022, Granite Gorge Mountain Park has breathtaking landscapes and offers a range of recreational activities, including skiing/snowboarding and tubing in the winter months. During the summer, the park truly comes alive with its lift-accessed mountain bike trails, offering riders of all skill levels the chance to embark on adrenaline-pumping adventures. Among the array of trails that are to come, three gems are now open: Reptar, Chuck It, and Bombs Away. Want a challenge? Purchase our Up Hill Season pass and test your riding abilities!

So, whether you’re a beginner looking to experience the joy of mountain biking or an expert seeking the ultimate challenge, Granite Gorge Mountain Park’s lift-accessed trails promise a memorable adventure. Come ride Reptar, Chuck It, and Bombs Away to discover the heart-pounding beauty of mountain biking in the Monadnock region, where every trail is an invitation to explore nature’s untamed playground.

Reptar – The Blue Trail: A Freestyle Dream

For those seeking a thrilling yet manageable ride, Reptar is the perfect choice. As a designated blue freestyle trail, it strikes a balance between excitement and accessibility. This freestyle trail is a flowy rollercoaster through Granite Gorge’s lush forest, offering the ideal canvas for honing your skills. With a mix of jumps, berms, and drops, Reptar invites riders to carve their way down the mountain, all while enjoying the panoramic views of the surrounding terrain. Whether you’re an intermediate rider looking to progress or a seasoned enthusiast, Reptar promises an unforgettable ride.

Chuck It – The Black Diamond Challenge

Ready to step up the intensity? Chuck It, the park’s black diamond trail, presents a thrilling challenge for experienced riders. This trail is a rollercoaster of technical features, rock gardens, and steep descents that will test your skills and push your limits. Expect heart-pounding moments as you navigate tight turns and drops, all while surrounded by the natural beauty of Granite Gorge. Chuck It is a trail that demands respect, offering a true test of mountain biking prowess. Conquer it, and you’ll earn your bragging rights.

Bombs Away – The Double Black Adrenaline Rush

Reserved for the most daring and skilled riders, Bombs Away is Granite Gorge Mountain Park’s crown jewel. As a double black diamond trail, it’s the pinnacle of mountain biking thrills. Prepare for a hair-raising descent down steep chutes, rock gardens, and jaw-dropping ledges. Bombs Away will have you navigating tight squeezes and a rolling ledge. Let this trail challenge your control and skill for 560 feet . It’s not just a trail; it’s an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will leave you both breathless and exhilarated.

We’re just getting started

We have big plans for super fun all day riding. Reptar is a total blast and Bombs away will make you grin ear to ear. Earn those turns by grinding our Up Hill Trail. Come check us out and get stoked for what’s next!

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It’s all about progression.

Trail Design- Freestyle

Our first trail has every rider in mind. Extra wide. Super Flowy. Totally unique to anything else. As you start from the top of the mountain, get ready for a little bit of everything! From challenging traverses, to rolling switchbacks. Jumps and ladders, to ledge rock and more. Multiple lines can be discovered with every lap you take. The main line of the trail is beginner friendly with plenty of space to avoid features. When you are comfortable, take to the air on your first jumps and other features to elevate your skill.

“Reptar” is a blue square, freestyle trail.


A designated freeride trail, “Reptar” consists of natural and construction features. This terrain includes, but is not limited to; jumps, ride on features, berms and other natural or constructed features.

Our Black and Double Black Diamond trails feature expert level challenges.

Safety & Responsibility Code

We pride ourselves on safety. It is one of our three main pillars of business along with affordability and inclusivity. While experiencing our trails you will see a variety of safety signs throughout the mountain. Even the best riders need to know their limits.

How to grow

We encourage all our riders to follow Park Smart. Park Smart is a safety initiative created to educate riders about freestyle terrain. Freestyle riding is amazing, getting injured isn’t. While on the mountain we ask all our guests to follow these rules and have respected for each other so that every one can enjoy!

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