Uphill Travel

Granite Gorge Mountain Park Uphill Travel

Uphill Travel is now OPEN

Uphill Travel Pass and Release:

  • A lift ticket for the day or our Uphill Season Pass is mandatory for all uphill travel.
  • Users must sign a Season Pass Release.
  • Uphill season passes are a great deal at only $69 for the year and are available for purchase at the mountain’s ticket office or online (24/7) – Uphill Winter Season Pass
  • If you have a regular seasons pass, you can purchase an uphill season pass for just $30 at our guest services counter or by calling us at (603)352-6203. 

Your Responsibility:.

  • Uphill travelers are considered skiers and must adhere to “Your Responsibility Code.”
  • Be cautious of snowmobiles, snowmaking equipment, grooming machinery, winch cat cables, and other equipment on the mountain.
  • Stay to the uphiller’s left/skiers right side of the trail, wear visible and reflective clothing, and use a headlamp at or after dusk.
  • Uphill travelers should be aware of sharp turns and knolls, staying visible to other travelers and mountain operations.
  • Uphill travel on our trails during non-operational hours is at your own risk; no ski patrol or rescue services are available.
  • Uphill travelers during operational hours must follow all rules applicable to lift-served skiers, including not skiing down closed runs.
  • Usage of terrain park features during uphill travel or your descent is prohibited.

No Dogs Allowed:

  • We love our 4 legged friends, but dogs are not allowed on the trails during operational hours. Plan to reunite with them for après ski.

Verification by Ski Patrol:

  • Ski Patrol and Mountain Ops personnel may request to see your Uphill Travel Pass.
  • Ski Patrol reserves the right to close the mountain at any time, indicated by a sign at the base of the authorized uphill route.

Trail Usage and Trespassing:

  • Traveling on trails not open to uphill travel or without a pass is not permitted.
  • Granite Gorge Mountain Park is privately owned land; trespassing is prohibited.

Privilege and Restrictions:

  • Uphill travel is a privilege and may be restricted as necessary.
  • Check trail status in advance, as uphill travel can be closed at any time.

Emergency Contacts:

  • Call Granite Gorge Mountain Park Ski Patrol at 603-762-1391 for emergencies during operating hours and 911 outside operational hours.
  • Uphill travel on our trails during non-operational hours is at your own risk; no ski patrol or rescue services are available.

Uphill Access Routes:

Operational Needs and Conditions:

  • Management may alter uphill travel routes based on operational needs and conditions.
  • Grooming and snowmaking take priority over uphill access.

Permitted Routes:

  • Uphill access is permitted on specific trails: Park Ave to Deer Run to Monadnock Park, then take any designated open trail down.
  • Operational hours are from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Pass Information:

  • An annual Uphill Season Pass costs $69 and can be collected at Customer Service during open hours.
  • Purchasing a regular season pass can also be used for uphill access.  
  • Uphill Travel Pass does not provide Lift Access.

Trail Usage Rules:

  • Trails are designed for skiers and riders; other forms of ascent or descent are prohibited.
  • Sledding or sliding in any form is not allowed.

Restrictions and Responsiveness:

  • Uphill travel can close at any time due to operational reasons.
  • Uphill access may be restricted for various mountain operations or weather conditions.
  • Entering closed terrain is strictly prohibited.

User Responsibility:

  • Users must know the status of trails and adhere to open/closed designations.
  • Ski Patrol is available only when lifts are operating; in emergencies, call 911.
  • Carry a charged cell phone, be aware of inconsistent signal, and practice check-in texts or calls.

Alpine Trail Specifics:

  • Uphill travel on alpine trails is limited to designated routes, allowing only skinning and touring.
  • Snowshoes, foot traffic, and dogs are not allowed on alpine trails.

General Information:

  • This policy may change at any time, and participants are responsible for staying informed about routes and the latest uphill travel policy.