Adult Race League

Registration Starts in 3…2…1…

Adult Race League under the lights is back for another year at Granite Gorge!

We welcome back any prior year racers and anyone that wants to enjoy a safe, accessible and fun way to spend some time on the mountain.  At Granite Gorge we believe that any riding type at any level can have a great time and benefit from our adult race program.  So, if racing is new to you, have no fears! 

Welcome to Granite Gorge Mountain Park’s Adult Race League – where passion meets the powder!

  • Our race league is an internally operated, therefore not associated with NASTAR
    • We do leverage many of the NASTAR guidelines, such as handicaps, but racers will not collect points for an overall NASTAR point system
  • All racers must be at least (18) years of age
  • The league competes in a single, giant slalom course on our Main Street trail
  • Teams must be at least (4) racers, but can be up to (6) racers can be on a team
    • If an individual wants to sign up, that is totally fine and we will create a team based upon individuals 
  • At least (4) of the (6) team members need to show up to a race night in order for the team results to be counted
    • The top (4) times from a team are used each race night for overall results 
    • Regardless of how many team members show up, individual race times will still be recorded and part of the overall rankings for that specific night
    • Each racer gets two attempts and their best time of the two attempts is used for results 
  • Individual and Team rankings are based upon a typical NASTAR points system including handicap points for sex and type (skier, snowboarder, tele), etc.
    • Female handicap = 5 %
    • Tele = 9%
    • Snowboarder = 12%
    • No handicap for age


  • For this season, the total cost for a team is $600
    • The link below is where the Team Captain will sign up 
    • Get creative with your Team Name! 
  • Therefore…
    • If you have a team of (4), each person will pay $150
    • If you have a team of (5) each person will pay $120 
    • If you have a team of (6) each person will pay $100
    • If anyone on the team has a season’s pass, the cost for that racer is 50% off
      • Therefore, if everyone on a (6) person team were season pass holders, the total team cost to race would be $300 ($50 per racer)
  • The cost includes at least (5) nights of racing (will extend if weather permits) and a full night lift ticket for each race night
  • Week (1) of (5) will be a fun, non competitive night
    • Get the dust and rust off your skis! 
    • Get familiar with gates and get free pointers from our race coach
    • Get to learn the process for future weeks 
    • Take as many test runs as you want
  • Weeks (2) through (5) will be formal race nights with the process laid out above
    • Team results will be added up for all (4) weeks for the overall top team placements

2024 Season Schedule

Race Night Rules:

  • All racers must fill out this online waiver form prior to racing: Click Here
  • Only registered racers allowed to race – no substitutions 
  • Racing begins at 6:30PM
  • Racers must be 18 years old 
  • When completing the race forms, must indicate Race Category (skier, snowboard, tele)
  • Racers can ski any OPEN terrain during the lift ticket period (no skiing/riding CLOSED trails)
  • Any racer that has a run that involves a faulty time (timing gear issue) will be allowed to redo their run – only two timed runs will be collected for actual race results 
  • Have fun!

A note for team captains:

Please go to this link to sign up for your team. 

  • At the time of signup you will be required to pay the $600 team fee and provide a team name
  • When each racer registers via a separate process, they will select the team they are racing for, input their details and then sign their electronic waiver
  • Racers are to pay their team captains directly and funds will not be charged to each individual racer during their registration process

Independent Racers:

If you are an individual 18+ looking to be added to a team please fill out a form here:

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